Sound Pathways

Sound Journeys to Harmonize Body & Mind, 

and to Facilitate Inner Explorations & Wellbeing

Using sacred music, energetic work,

& ancient traditions to facilitate

inner transformation, 

self-awareness & healing.

Bringing sound

immersive ceremonies 

to private gatherings

& public events.

Chambers of AWE

Acoustic Waves Emergence

Using sound & technology 

to create immersive transformative 

experiences & wellbeing.

A series of performances 

around the transformative

& evolutive power of music.



"Laura Inserra is a rare example of power, mastery, and grace in the human form.  Her work is unlike anything I have experienced before in my career or life.  Through transformational sound and vibration she enables individuals and groups to transcend the rational mind and access deeper layers of knowing.  She invites participants into an experience that unleashes creativity, emotion, connection and possibility. Part musician, shaman, intuitive, and teacher, Laura will take you on a journey between worlds that you will never forget.  Run swiftly towards this work if you are looking for deeper meaning and new answers to old questions.  Laura is an extraordinary treasure that is a privilege to invite into your life or organization."- Catherine Gray, The Trium Group

"Laura's sound, her music, her inner and outer beauty, the spiritual worlds of the present and past she has opened herself too are powerful forces that she shares with so many. I have had the great good fortune of working with Laura. As she has with others she helped guide me and allow me to open myself to journeys within myself. It has been transformative for me. I feel blessed and grateful to have met Laura and her sound, her music, her white pure energy. Let her sound and music embrace and envelope you. Enjoy the journey and be open to it." - Robert Rosenthal, Executive Producer at the Center for Investigative Reporting

Some of my
Musical Instruments

More than in one specific instrument, I have always been interested in sound. Since I was a child, I have been encountering and playing a variety of instruments from around the world.

Some of these instruments come from ancient traditions, others are contemporary creations or custom made for me. I also love to make my own instruments...

Each one of them has its own spirit, its own personality…

Each one vibrates in its own way, therefore resonating with different parts of your body. Each instrument takes you to different inner landscapes and allows you to access different emotions, visions, memories… 

They love talking to you in the universal language that is music, the Mother Tongue we all share... 


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