Individual &

Couple Sessions


My music therapy approach is called Resonant Healing.

It is a blend of sound healing, vibrational work,

ancient wisdom, and shamanic techniques. 

During a session I use sound, music, and energy work according to your needs or inquiries.

This work facilitates the movement of
stuck energies

and emotions, while providing harmony,

inner guidance and wellbeing.

Private Gatherings & Corporate Retreats


I use music as meaningful entertainment, as a way to harmonize a conversation and create group cohesion,

as a boost for intuition and creativity.


These are custom-made experiences tailored to the particular needs of your group, team, or corporation. 


My approach is based on a combination of immersive sound experiences, creative explorations,

personal development tools, and teachings

from wisdom schools.


In those immersive gatherings participants

relax, wonder, explore, play, create,

connect, integrate, evolve…

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Public Events & ​Conferences


As a musician, performer, and speaker I have been participating in public events, art institutions, festivals,

and conferences around the world. 


As a producer I have been involved in and I have created

multi-disciplinary festivals, site-specific-performances,

and music programs.

I also create custom-made experiences for conferences, combining acoustic instruments and cutting edge technology to offer the audience unique immersive experiences.


Whether an audience of a few or of thousands, I love bringing harmony and awe to the group, while facilitating connection, communication, and group flow. 


Sound Design & 

Music Consultation


Since my early twenties, I have been composing, performing, recording, and engineering

soundtracks and sound design for dance,

theater, movies and art installations.


I play a large variety of ancient, classical, and modern instruments. I created my own samples’ library and 

when needed, I combine them with the most advanced sound banks and computer processing.


I love working with visual media as my music is primarily narrative. I have been lucky to work with incredibly gifted choreographers, theater directors, and filmmakers.

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