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I describe my work as a bridge between ancient wisdom and modern technology. I create immersive and transformative experiences to enhance our relationship to ourselves, to each other, and to nature.

I am passionate about improving human life on earth during this time of transformation driven by increasingly powerful technologies and climate change. What it is profoundly calling me is returning to places and experiences that bring us back to the unique core of what makes humans, humans. 

Let’s connect…

MetaMusic Healing

Individual & Couple Sessions


My music therapy practice is called MetaMusic Healing.

It is a blend of sound healing, vibrational work,

ancient wisdom, body awareness, and shamanic techniques. 

During a session I use sound, music, and energy work according to your needs or inquiries.

This work facilitates the movement of
stuck energies

and emotions, while providing harmony,

inner guidance and wellbeing.

Leadership Retreats & Corporate Programs


I use music as entrainment, as a way to harmonize a conversation and create group cohesion, as a boost for intuition and creativity, as a ceremonial tool for weddings and other rites of passages. I create custom-made experiences tailored to the particular needs of my clients. 

My approach is based on a combination of immersive sound experiences, creative explorations, personal development tools, and teachings from different wisdom schools.


In those immersive gatherings participants relax, wonder, explore, play, create, connect, regenerate, integrate, evolve…

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Private Gatherings
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Public Events & ​Conferences


As a musician, performer, and speaker I have been participating in public events, art institutions, festivals,

and conferences around the world. 


As a producer I have been involved in and I have created

multi-disciplinary festivals, site-specific-performances,

and music programs.

I also create custom-made experiences for conferences, combining acoustic instruments and cutting edge technology to offer the audience unique immersive experiences.


Whether an audience of a few or of thousands, I love bringing harmony and awe to the group, while facilitating connection, communication, and group flow. 

Public Events
score laura 2.jpg

Sound Design & 

Music Consultation


Since my early twenties, I have been composing, performing, recording, and engineering

soundtracks and sound design for dance,

theater, movies and art installations.


I play a large variety of ancient, classical, and modern instruments. I created my own samples’ library and 

when needed, I combine them with the most advanced sound banks and computer processing.


I love working with visual media as my music is primarily narrative. I have been lucky to work with incredibly gifted choreographers, theater directors, and filmmakers.

Sound Design

Livestreams & ​In-Person Concerts


A world-renowned Hang musician,

Laura plays a large variety of ancient and modern instruments -

among others Zapotec clay flutes, the Mongolian shamanic jaw harp, Tibetan bowls, the Laotian khen, the Australian didgeridoo, African djembe', and Western percussions.

She has been collaborating with hundreds of musicians and artists worldwide, bringing her unique palette of sounds, melodic lines, and intricate rhythmic expressions. Her concerts and music styles are customized according to the audience.


She performs in a variety of publicprivate and site specific events 

including retreatscorporate events, and sacred ceremonies.

Her music speaks a universal language, telling stories without words. As a listener, you become the creator of your own experience.

CHAMBERS OF AWE ~ Interview with Laura Inserra

CHAMBERS OF AWE ~ Interview with Laura Inserra

Chambers of AWE ~ Acoustic Waves Emergence Using Music & Technology for Immersive & Transformative Experiences ​ Chambers of AWE (Acoustic Waves Emergence) are deep, immersive sound experiences created with ancient and modern acoustic instruments, augmented by cutting edge technology. Conceived and performed by Laura Inserra, they are a bridge between ancient technology (wisdom traditions and music) and modern technology (high tech and science). ​ Chambers of AWE combine recorded ambisonic sound architectures and live performances. Using the most advanced technology, Laura amplifies the instruments’ impact by entering the sound, augmenting it, and yet maintaining the integrity of the original source and its harmonics. ​ At the core of the project are sound sources made by rare acoustic instruments. Those sounds create immersive environments with a vast spectrum of frequencies which facilitate powerful transformational experiences. In these settings body and mind merge with the sound and shift to deeper Inner Landscapes Journeys, traveling beyond the field of cognitive perceptions. ​ It was premiered in 2018 in Prague during a large cryptocurrency conference, when Laura transformed for four days a forum hall into a decompression room, creating a sound and lighting reactive installation. Participants were entering an invisible but palpable 60 foot diameter sphere of sound created by an ambisonic system of 16 speakers and 4 subwoofers. Laura and her live set was in the center of the sphere with 8 mics, each one connected to 2 speakers, plus 2 mics connected to the whole sound system. This allowed her to map and create live sound architectures in addition to her pre-recorded tracks. The ongoing intertwined pre-recorded and live music created a striking immersive sound environment. In addition, she offered twice a day guided immersive sound experiences. ​ Visit the official website Staged world premiere at DevCon4 Oct. 30 - Nov. 2, 2018 ~ Prague Congress Center - Czech Republic ​ Devcon is the annual Ethereum conference for designers, developers, researchers and artists. The Ethereum Foundation hosts Devcon to educate and empower our community to build decentralized applications, and to bring Ethereum protocols, tools, and culture to the world. This is a conference for builders: designers, UX researchers, smart contract devs, blockchain researchers, client implementers, test engineers, infrastructure operators, community organizers, and even artists in the community.
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