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© 1998 by Laura Inserra. All rights reserved.

Hang and Handpan lessons

The Hang was released in 2001 in Switzerland by Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer at PANArt Company.

The Hang is a resonating percussion instrument related to the steeldrum, gong, gamelan and ghatam. In the Bernese language ‘hang’ means ‘hand’ and as such the Hang is made, tuned and played by hand. Its sound evokes an exquisite and delicate landscape of spaciousness and vitality.

I have been playing the Hang since 2003. From the beginning my intention has been to develop a technique that is appropriate and inherent to the instrument itself instead of imposing any pre-existing technique I learned before.


I wholeheartedly agree with Felix Rohner when he speaks about the Hang as a 'music sculpture' and not as another drum in the percussion family. I try to explore and discover it more and more every time I play it by allowing it to teach me how it wants to be played and all its infinite potential.


In my lessons you will learn different ways of handling and playing the Hang, as well as the basic knowledge of the music theory. Rather than a specific style, I will teach how to build a musician’s mind through the language of music, structure, and improvisation. In a way while you learn you already play music, and as you improvise you simultaneously compose.


20+ years of teaching experience have shown me that a study program evolves naturally after I get to know your capabilities and predispositions. Each person has a different way to learn and, once that the process is clear, knowledge and mastery grow quickly and exponentially. 


I see music as a metaphor of life because, moreover, music speaks the language of emotions through the use of sounds, pulsations, melodic patterns, harmonies, dynamics, rhythms, dissonance, and so forth. But this is another conversation all together.


Much more needs to be said, however, a lot is understood only by being in each other’s presence. The world of music is infinite and everyone has their own path on this journey. May you find yours.


Contact me for more information or for an introductory class.

Click here for a little more info on my teaching style.

From my students:

"Laura is a fantastic musician and a skilled teacher. She is able to meet me right where I am, and give me music to practice that is both satisfying and challenging." - Debbie Fier (Musician, Musical Educator, Piano Tuner)


"Laura Inserra is a dream of a music teacher. She is both classically trained and a gifted improviser. Laura is attuned to the needs and capabilities of her students. She know how to teach to their level, inspire confidence, and encourage excellence. She knows when to support and when to push to the next level of accomplishment. Laura teaches the disciplines of musicianship in an atmosphere of playful acceptance. She creates a safe place in which to learn, an inspiring place to gain competence, and grow in the language of music and expression. The lessons are fun and deep, beautiful paced, and build on one another. Laura is generous with her knowledge and her heart." - Ahbi Vernon (Psychologist and Mental Heath Therapist)

“I call her a ‘music-smith’, like a wordsmith or blacksmith because of the way in which she embodies music and sound. She is a truly gifted musician, composer, and teacher. She is incredibly skilled at teaching the complexities of the Hang: technique, sound, resonance, melody, incorporating the different voices and harmonies. My lessons are so inspiring and healing on multitude levels. What I am learning translates to many areas of my life and spiritual practice.

Our lessons are not only about playing the Hang, but about breathing, relaxing the body, being present, and, from this place, one can open to the magic, joy, essence of the Hang. She is incredibly skilled at teaching this amazing and unique instrument. ... I have immense gratitude and respect for Laura’s instruction and wisdom, talent and experience, and most of all, for the beauty and integrity of her relationship with the Hang.” Deb Grant (Expressive Art Therapist).


"Laura Inserra is a delightfully talented musician as well as an insightful teacher.  These combined attributes made my lessons with her a productive and inspiring experience.  I feel very fortunate to have crossed paths with Laura and I hope to have many more opportunities to learn all that she has to teach". Camille Solyagua, (Photographer)