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In-Person & Online

During my lessons you will learn different ways to handle, hold, and play the Hang, how to create rhythms and keep the tempo in your body, how to play with no tension and build muscle memory, how to improvise and create compositions, how to understand music theory through playfulness and active listening. 


You will be introduced to my Structured Improvisation Technique, which will allow you to play music while practicing, to compose while improvising, to release tension while immersing your body in music, to express yourself richly as music is an expression of who you are. ​

I offer in person and online teachings for students of all levels.


The Hang was created by PanArt in the 2001 and I have been playing and teaching it since 2003. From the beginning, my intention has been to develop a technique appropriate and inherent to the instrument itself instead of imposing any pre-existing approach I had from my previous trainings. Over the years, this allowed me to create a unique technique for the Hang and the HandPan instruments called MetaHang.

I have also been teaching music for 30 years and I have seen how every person’s journey with an instrument is unique. I build music programs specifically for each one of you, according to your predispositions, experiences, and desires. Once that process is clear, knowledge and mastery grow quickly and exponentially. Check out the MetaHang Training program as a reference.

If you want to be introduced to my technique, you can take the pre-recorded MetaHang Introductory Seminar on teachable.

"The Hang is a music sculpture that allows you to express yourself musically while enjoying the dance of your hands."

Hosted by Laura Inserra, during this seminar we will look at the history of the Hang and its 20 years of evolution, we will explore its architecture and enchanting musicality, and we will learn the basics of the MetaHang Technique. Intuitive, ergonomic, and creative, this unique technique is the development of 18 years of Laura performing and teaching Hang and handpans internationally.


Designed to minimize physical effort and tension, the MetaHang Technique maximizes efficiency and flow. In this seminar you will learn how to the Hang and the handpans, build a musician mind, express yourself musically, and enjoy the rhythm in your body.

This seminar will also introduce you to the Structured Improvisation Technique - allowing you to play music while practicing, to compose while improvising, and to release tension while immersing your body in music.

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For those who pursue music with dedication I deliver MetaHang Certificates

(Multidisciplinary Education, Training & Apprenticeship

for Handpan Instruments)

for 3  different levels 

(Intermediate, Advanced, Master). ​

If you are simply curious about music and the Hang, you are welcome to take classes with me as an explorer and I will be honored to help you with your learning path.


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Structured Improvisation Technique

Laura Inserra's Hang Technique Introductory Video

Laura Inserra's Hang Technique Introductory Video

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