Sound Therapy &

Music Ceremonies

In-Person & Online

Learning sound therapy and music ceremony to create immersive sound experiences and provide a resonant field from which healing and transformation arise.


In this one-on-one or group workshop, we will explore sound as a transformative tool.

I will share my knowledge about ways to create immersive sound experiences and provide a resonant field from which opportunities to heal arise. 


The workshop is dedicated for sound practitioners, musicians, and those wishing to use sound as a healing and transformative tool. The group will be kept small so we have ample space and time to learn and practice.

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Some of the topics we'll be exploring together: 

  • What is Sound?

  • What is Healing?

  • What is a Ceremony?

  • Movement / Vibration/ Frequency / Resonance

  • Sound versus Music

  • The Transformative Power of Music

  • Immersive Sound Experiences

  • Beginnings and Endings

  • Which Instrument and When?

  • Silence in Between the Notes

  • Deep Listening

  • The Flow of the Invisible

  • The Musician, the Healer, the Shaman

  • Closing Ceremony

  • Integration

  • Em-Bodi-Ment

In-Person & On-Line

Contact me if you are called to learn about sound healing and sound ceremony.

Please write a few line about your vocation and experience with music.

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