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Shelter In Music


A video series of immersive sound experiences 
for self-inquiry & wellbeing.

In these sound journeys I combine ancient, contemporary, and costume-made acoustic instruments with shamanic and wisdom traditions. I create a space where you can explore, release, discover, relax and evolve. This is experiential music where you can become an inner voyager and journey into the pathways of your inner landscapes.

  • Learn about the MetaMusic and how to create resonant fields resonant fields from which deep transformation, inner guidance, and holistic healing arise. 
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Sonic Quest

Season 2, Ep. 11 ~ Free Episode

"There are many things that will catch your eye,

but only a few will catch your heart. Pursue Those..."

Behind the Scenes of

Shelter In Music

In this interview, discover why sound is so transformative, how it expands our human potential, and how I use music to create spaces for self exploration and wellbeing.

Shelter In Music ~ Season 2


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Meet some of my instruments

Since I was a child, I have been fascinated by sound, encountering, and playing countless instruments. Some come from ancient traditions like shamanic drums, jaw harps, and Mayan flutes, others are contemporary like the hang and blossom bells. I also love making my own, like didgeridoos, multi-frequency bundles and harmonic tubes.

Each instrument has its own spirirt, its own personality. It vibrates in a unique way, resonating with different parts of your body, emotions, and brain. Each one takes you to different inner landscapes and allows you to move stuck energies and to access a rich rage of memories, sensations, and visions.

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The performances of Laura Inserra are a gathering of otherworldly messages and much needed healing gifted into this realm. — MariJo Moore / Indigenous Author, Seer, Medium

Laura's sound journeys take one to new heights and new depths to explore, learn, and heal. Her music is purifying, illuminating, inspiring, magical. — Edward Frenkel / UC Berkeley Professor

Laura creates resonant chambers of awe that unleash healing, creativity, and transcendent self-exploration, enriching participants beyond measure. — Kate Greer

The music and wordless expressions of Laura help me to get closer to the circle nearer and nearer to the original beginning. I am getting more familiar with my ancestors, spirit-guides and soul-enemies. The opportunity to get connected and listening to her again and again is standing as one of the most profound gifts during these troubled times on mother Earth.  — Kati Koncz

After 50 years of training my scientific mind in medicine and business, Laura has been able to open and nurture a creative side in me that has laid dormant for decades. — Wolfgang Stehr, MD MBA

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Learning how to create resonant fields from which deep transformation, inner guidance, and holistic healing arise.

Using music and ancient traditions for
self-embodiment and holistic healing.
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A video series of guided sound journeys for inner voyagers.

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An intuitive and ergonomic technique
for Hang and handpan instruments.

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A collection of videos about
her body of work and productions.


A blend of sound healing, vibrational work, and ancient wisdom techniques to facilitate inner guidance and wellbeing.


Creating immersive sound experiences to

facilitate group connections and sacred gatherings.


Structured Improvisation Technique

Creating immersive sound experiences to

facilitate group connections and sacred gatherings.

Using music and technology for 
immersive and transformative sound experiences.
Discover her albums and music productions.

Immersive experiences through sound journeys, playful creativity, body awareness, energetic practices and wisdom traditions.


MetaMusic Conversations
with Laura Inserra & Special Guests

Conversing about how to use sound & music
as tools for deep transformation and holistic healing.