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Shelter In Music

A video series of immersive sound experiences 
for self-exploration & wellbeing

In these sound journeys. I combine many acoustic instruments — some very ancient, some contemporary — with shamanic and wisdom traditions, to create a space where you can explore, release, discover, relax and evolve. 

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S2 E1: 
Tree of Life
S2 E2: 
Fire In The Heart
S2 E3: 
Nurturing From Within
S2 E4: 
The Eagle Eye

Free Episode

S2 E3: Nurturing From Within

This sound journey is an invitation to explore the countless ways you can find nourishment within. 
Enjoy it...

Behind the Scenes of

Shelter In Music

In this interview, discover why sound is so transformative, how it expands our human potential, and how I use music to create spaces for self exploration and wellbeing.

Meet my Instruments

Since I was a child, I have been fascinated by sound, encountering and playing countless instruments. Some come from ancient traditions like shamanic drums, 

jaw harps and Mayan flutes, others are 

contemporary like the hang and blossom bells. I also love making my own, like 

didgeridoos, multi-frequency bundles 

and harmonic tubes.


Each instrument has its own spirit, its own personality. It vibrates in a unique way, resonating with different parts of your body, emotions, and brain. Each one takes you to different inner landscapes and allows you to move stuck energies and to access a rich range of memories, sensations, and visions. 


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