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In 2007, Inserra founded Samavesha, a multidisciplinary arts organization that brings arts programming to communities in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Samavesha seeks to make world-class arts accessible to all, explore the intersection of traditional art forms with contemporary artistic languages, awaken and express personal creativity, foster collaboration, encourage diverse and resilient communities, connect people with nature, and increase awareness of the vital importance of creativity in human lives as an inexhaustible source of meaning, inspiration, and healthy living.


Samavesha produces accessible, interactive, educational, and fully immersive artistic experiences for the public. Often taking place in nature sites and bridging traditional and contemporary art forms from around the world, our work fosters dialogue and builds community around art, environment, music, as well as cultural preservation.


Focused on building community through creative collective actions, Samavesha produces three big annual projects: the Cave Concert series in the Marin Headlands; the Art in Nature/the Nature of Art Festival in Redwood Regional Park, Oakland; and, in collaboration with Zach Pine, the Create-With-Nature Earth Day Celebration at Stinson Beach. In addition, Samavesha hosts international artists-in-residence, and produces a Community ProgramRose Labyrinth Series, workshops, and various house concerts and site specific performances.


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"Laura is a magnanimous leader who humbly inspires heart and creativity from those who collaborate with her. I had that pleasure, working with her on the fourth year production of the annual 'Art in Nature; The Nature of Art Festival', a gathering bringing together over two hundred artists and thousands of participants in the Redwoods of Oakland, California. It was such a treat to witness her in action during the planning process, facilitating a ground swell of long-term, intrinsic enthusiasm and support from the volunteers, artists, and concentric circles of community that are involved in the making of the festival. She shows you her vision from a multitude of angles and invites you to bring your gifts in being a part of how the vision collectively arises. I couldn't recommend Laura more as a co-creator and leader of movements that require heart and soul."Amina Bayou (Producer)

Laura is the founder and Artistic DIrector of Art in Nature: The Nature of Art, an annual free multidisciplinary performing arts festival located at the Stream Trail of Redwood Regional Park in Oakland, California. With 200+ artists involved, the vision is that Art, like Nature, is one ‘body’ expressing itself in different forms through a creative process and for one day, Art in Nature Festival re-creates the wholeness of that ‘body’.


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The Cave Concerts are a series of concerts performed at Hawk Hill Tunnel. The tunnel is located in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA), part of the Marin Headlands, on a bluff overlooking the Golden Gate, with breath-taking views of San Francisco and the pacific ocean. The Tunnel was designed during World War II as the future home of guns. The earthworks that crown the unfinished fortifications now serve as the site of wildlife observation and annual bird counts. The Tunnel itself offers incredible resonance and is sealed off on one end by the event crew and transformed into a Cave. This event is made possible with permits through GGNRA. “You will enter a resonant chamber of suspended time & space, becoming the sound itself.”


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