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Facilitating personal transformation, body awareness, creativity and wellbeing.

​I lead personal transformation workshops in private and group gatherings as well as public and corporate retreats. 

My approach is based on a the combination of sound experiences, creative explorations, personal development tools, and teachings from various schools of wisdom. In those immersive and intimate gatherings participants relax, wonder, create, explore, play, connect, integrate, evolve…

Some of the main aspects of my work are:

Immersive Music

Playing sacred sounds, rhythms, and melodies of unique ancient and modern instruments. Those frequencies bypass the limits of the cognitive mind and bring participants into a natural presence, new states of awareness, and wellbeing.

Creative Explorations

Using drawing, dancing, playing, and storytelling to encourage creative self-expression, playfulness, and curiosity. 

BE MAP ~ Body, Energy & Mind Awareness Practices

Providing practical tools, energetic and wisdom traditions practices to facilitate personal transformation, body awareness, and wellbeing.

I adapt these approaches in resonance with each participant and with the group flow. The language-based tools are powerfully enabled and complemented by the vibrational, non-verbal ones. This creates harmony for the mind and tunes the body, while a holistic state of being emerges. Participants report a shift in their perspectives, increased self-awareness and well-being, as well as a better sense of purpose and direction.


Some of my retreats are in collaboration with scientists, psychologists, and shamans. Among others, I lead programs with life-coach Nadine Kreisberger. Together we co-founded Seeds of Gold Institute and offer a variety of personal, couple, and group retreats.


"Laura Inserra is a rare example of power, mastery, and grace in the human form.  Her work is unlike anything I have experienced before in my career or life.  Through transformational sound and vibration she enables individuals and groups to transcend the rational mind and access deeper layers of knowing.  She invites participants into an experience that unleashes creativity, emotion, connection, and possibility. Part musician, shaman, intuitive, and teacher, Laura will take you on a journey between worlds that you will never forget.  Run swiftly towards this work if you are looking for deeper meaning and new answers to old questions.  Laura is an extraordinary treasure that is a privilege to invite into your life or organization."


- Catherine Gray, The Trium Group

"Laura's sound, her music, her inner and outer beauty, the spiritual worlds of the present and past she has opened herself too are powerful forces that she shares with so many. I have had the great good fortune of working with Laura. As she has with others she helped guide me and allow me to open myself to journeys within myself. It has been transformative for me. I feel blessed and grateful to have met Laura and her sound, her music, her white pure energy. Let her sound and music embrace and envelope you. Enjoy the journey and be open to it."


- Robert Rosenthal, Executive Producer at the Center for Investigative Reporting

"Laura is able to use live music and sound to create a field of connection among a group that opens them up to go deeper with one another and with the subject at hand. It's a tremendous thing to experience and witness! I'm so grateful she was able to work with us at a recent retreat. Her work is part performance, part facilitation, and part healer. What impressed me the most is not only is Laura a supremely talented musician-- playing so many unique instruments and all with great skill - she's also an insightful and empathetic facilitator who made an effort to understand our overall program and then suggest the best way her offering could augment and help serve the overall mission of the gathering. She added a layer of depth and clarity of facilitation that was appreciated and she really knows how to read a room. It was a joy to work with her!"


- Jess Rimington, The Rules

"The work on meditation, music, and transformation was excellent. The leaders resonated very well with the group. It was informative, rejuvenating, and one of the best yet. Esalen continues to grow and change. This hopefully can keep us current. I have been coming since about 1977 and need meditation and joy (the drumming and dancing was like the old days at Esalen.) This positive feedback is from both for my husband and I. We were definitely the oldest in the group and were honored for that." - from Music, Meditation, and Transformation workshop in collaboration with Darin McFadyen. 


-Esalen Institute, March 2019

Inner Resonance


Immersive experiences through sound journeys, playful creativity, body awareness, energetic practices and wisdom traditions.

Structured Improvisation



Learning music and percussions through active listening, linear structures and self-expression.​


Sound & Music Healing


Using sound and music as a transformative tool to create immersive sound experiences from which healing arise.

Creative Explorations


Connecting to your source of creativity and unique


Roundtable of Inner Characters

Exploring, deciphering and developing the facets of 'who' you are and a life well-lived.

Seeds of Gold


Researching and integrating

ancient technology and schools of wisdom into modern life.

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