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Sound Design &

Music Consultation


Since my early twenties, I have been composing, performing, recording, and engineering soundtracks and sound design for dance, theater, movies and art installations.


I play a large variety of ancient, classical, and modern instruments. I created my own samples’ library and 

when needed, I combine them with the most advanced sound banks and computer processing.


I love working with visual media as my music is primarily narrative and my instruments are amazing storytellers. I have been lucky to work with incredibly gifted choreographers, theater directors, and filmmakers. 



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Laura uses music as meaningful entertainment,

as a tool for healing, a boost for intuition,

a facilitator for creativity,

a way to harmonize a conversation,

as guidance for group retreats,

as medicine for inner transformation,

as a medium to connect to the intelligence of the body...

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Music Store

Albums, Experiential Music,

Spatial Audio,

Music Videos & Livestreams

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Repertoire, Sound Journeys, 

Live Performances, Samples,

Spatial Audio Productions

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~ TBA Awards Nominee 2016 for the music score and sound design of Whale's Wake by Ragged Wing.

~ Tom Bates, the Mayor of Berkeley, declared September 15, 2015 as Laura Inserra Day

~ Sample Logic, award-winning interface, produced Bohemian: cinematic street and new world instruments. A whole sound library with Laura's instruments recorded in 2015 at George Lucas' Skywalker Sound studios.

Chambers of AWE

Using Acoustic Music & Cutting Edge Technology for Immersive & Transformative Experiences