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The Call of the Mother Tree 

A MetaMusic Journey guided by Patricia Ellsberg


Inspired by Suzanne Simard's book
“Finding the Mother Tree: Discovering the Wisdom of the Forest”


Meditation by Patricia Ellsberg

Music & Video Production by Laura Inserra

For the best immersive experience, it is recommended to be in a quiet place, find a comfortable position, use some headphones, close your eyes, and let the music and the voice guide you…

Photo by Christophe Kiciak

© Laura Inserra 2022 ~ All Rights Reserved

Artist Statements

Laura Inserra - sound alchemist

Music is a universal language and allows us to have meta-sensory experiences, especially when combined with guided meditations, active visualizations, body awareness, and felt emotions. Meta means beyond, transcendent, in between. What is music a metaphor of? What is in music that makes us transcend reality or our feelings? What is in between the notes and way beyond the musical instruments that makes music such a potent transformative and impactful tool? 

Since I was a child I have been living in big questions and explorations like these while immersing myself into the aliveness of the visible and invisible ‘worlds’. MetaMusic is the way in which I communicate my discoveries around using sound, ancient wisdom, and technology to create physical, mental, and energetic openings and transformations. In this context music becomes experiential, a vehicle to transit into new states of consciousness, a tool for personal and collective evolvement, an invitation to listen with our whole body to our inner visions, emotions, and states of awareness.

The Call of the Mother Tree embraces different powerful components including binaural beats, geophonic recordings, psychoacoustic techniques, rare musical instruments, augmented acoustic sounds, and the ancient tool of ‘active’ visual meditation. Thanks to the emergence of these properties, time stretches and space expands, creating a shift in our awareness and allowing us to make a ‘silent action’ that has the potential of shaping what we call reality. 

How? The essence of the Universe is vibration, quenchless energy in motion, e-motion. Music is able to orchestrate scattered vibrations in an harmonious order, creating organized energetic ‘forms’ of emotions and physical experiences. Our body is also energy in motion, e-motion, and can project intentional energy into thought-forms. When we use imagery to visualize an outcome, through our intent and awareness we are investing mental and physical energy into these thought-forms. By feeling the outcome in our whole body, as if it has already happened, we are investing augmented energy into potential ‘forms’ of manifestation. In other words, when focus our intention, awareness, and feelings to envision an outcome, we make a ‘silent’ action that creates a tangible impact in our environment.

In ancient schools of wisdom it was known that humans are electromagnetic transmitters who send out thoughts and emotions and have a corresponding attraction to what we have sent out. Modern studies talk about The Law of Attraction, the ability to attract what we focus on, revealing that thoughts create electromagnetic fields and produce similar effects as actions. We become a ‘tuning fork’ that can tune other energies, including people, to a specific ‘frequency’. 

May The Call of the Mother Tree help us tune to the ‘natural world’, awake to our true Essence, and inspire us to create a regenerative way of living and healing. Enjoy it…


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Patricia Ellsberg - author

The Mother Tree has become a living presence in my life, since reading Suzanne Simard's book, Finding the Mother Tree: Discovering the Wisdom of the Forest and then collaborating on this guided MetaMusic Journey with Laura Inserra. 


Perhaps because my own loving mother died on the eve of my sixth birthday, I have been seeking mother love my whole life. Recently I have found it in my heart. And now, often, I turn to the Mother Tree for guidance, support, and a source of unconditional love. My aspiration with this meditation is to inspire an intimate connection with the Mother Tree, and a sense of awe and reverence for the forest as a living being as sacred as life itself.


I have been a long-time creator and leader of guided meditations, and have never before had the privilege of working with a musician who so enhanced the power of my words with her music and her skills as Laura Inserra did in this production. 


As a devoted Council member, I wanted to create a meditation for Kaiaulu.Earth, an Indigenous-led organization whose mission is to help create greater coherence and collaboration among those working for the permanent protection of all remaining ancient forests. Our intention with this meditation is to activate hope and a new story for humanity that invites the listener to be an active participant in co-creating this reality. Please share it freely with your community.


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Christophe Kiciak - photographer

This is a very special photo to me. Trees inspire me much respect, especially old and venerable ones: they witnessed the past, and will probably see a far future, unlike me. This particular tree is a legend by itself. It even has a name: Ponthus' beech. It lives in the Brocéliande forest, in Bretagne (France), the one where many Arthurian legends occurred. One can also find Merlin's tomb here (well, at least one of them...). 


Different stories exist, but a common one is that Ponthus, a knight of the round table, lived in a castle there, somewhere around the 10th century. He was disappointed by the fact he had no child, and blasphemed about it. God punished him by destroying his castle in a storm, and the tree grew on its ruins. While this tree is well known (it illustrates several photography books' covers), finding it is quite hard. Technically, it is located in a private part of the forest, theoretically forbidden to walkers. This is probably why very little information is available about its location. 


A long documentary research gave me several possibilities, which I entered as coordinates in a GPS device. I then had to drive about 5h to reach the forest, and park on its side. This place is gigantic, and I met absolutely nobody. It was a fantastic experience to wander alone in these woods, exploring the location possibilities in the hope of finding the mythical tree. I was quite lucky, and after only an hour of walking I was standing in front of it. I may be an emotional guy, but believe me, I was simply overwhelmed by the beauty of its shapes, the moss covering most of its trunk, and by the fact that it was the very only one of its kind (all the other trees in the area were straight, as you can see on the photo). 


I spent about three hours shooting it carefully, testing many angles, three different lenses, and waiting for the right light. Since the place was quite dark, I decided to use bracketing, which was extremely useful in post-processing to raise the dynamic range. I really hope I will be able to go there many times again, and photograph it at different seasons. It was quite a long day (mainly spent on the road), but it was so worth it. Did I mention I love this tree? :-)


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