A Multidisciplinary

Immersive Arts Performance


Elemental is about giving life to a performance where various artistic expressions, from music to dance, video to sculpture, poetry to theater, food to costume, can unite in one flow, one language, one body, and nourish those who live it and observe it, both in the senses and in consciousness. The interaction between performer and guest will occur through the senses. From smell to taste to sight to touch to hearing to a new insight of time and space.


The score for Elemental is based on the 5 elements (earth, water, fire, wind, space) and their connection to the 5 senses (smell, taste, sight, touch, hearing). All manifested universe is the expression of the 5 elements, and deepening our connection to them enables us to more fully relate and interact with the world we live in.



Laura Inserra - artistic director, percussion, hang, didgeridoo, flute

Pauchi Sasaki Otani - violin, ocean harp

Darren Gibbs - electric guitar, software art

Claudia Cuentas - wind instruments, storyteller

Mike Wofchuck - percussion, didgeridoo

Hooman Fazly - singer

Melody Jeune Ferris - singer

Karl Frost - dancer

Isabelle Kirouac - dancer

Lopamudra - dancer

Claudia Anfuso - storyteller

Gauri - narrator

Jeff Cressbone - sound engineer

Claudia Anfuso - production manager

Guruyoga and Jill Leslie - hostess

Manjusri - light design

Eric Bergman and Mike Knutsen - cameramen

Bhadramandala - set photographer

Sabrina Foti - video editor


Ancient Technologies featuring the Light Labyrinth

A Samavesha Production www.samavesha.org

Performed at Yoga Mandala

Berkeley, April 25 2007

Many thanks to the Audience members...




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