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Public Events &


In-Person & Online

Bringing sound immersive experiences

to public events and conferences.


In full resonance with every participant, Laura Inserra plays sacred sounds, rhythms, and melodies of unique ancient and modern musical instruments. Those frequencies bypass the limits of the cognitive mind, shifting prospectives and facilitating presence, connection, and wellbeing.

She is actively engaged in creating multimedia immersive experiences in the most cutting-edge global conferences and summits - e.g. BrainMind, MAPS, Wisdom 2.0, Intentional Spaces, TransTech, SAND, Ethereum Foundation’s DevCon 

Her productions deepen our relationship with the natural world and help people reconnect to the wisdom and power of what it means to be human - as we transition into a world embedded with augmented and artificial intelligence.

Contact her if you are interested in designing an event according to your needs, intentions, and participants.


Laura uses music as meaningful entertainment,

as a tool for healing, a boost for intuition,

a facilitator for creativity,

a way to harmonize a conversation,

as guidance for group retreats,

as medicine for inner transformation,

as a medium to connect to the intelligence of the body.

When exposed to sound, your cells start oscillating by sympathetic resonance.


In that movement there is release, guidance, healing... 

In each session, I use instruments and movements according to your needs. Some sessions address specific issues or inquiries, 

others are simply a personalized 

inner landscape journey.

Each acoustic instrument has its own 

frequency and personality, resonating 

differently with various parts of your being. 

Those sounds can open up, liberate or transform stuck energies, emotions, creative thoughts, and so much more.

Chambers of AWE

Using Acoustic Music & Cutting Edge Technology for Immersive & Transformative Experiences

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Contact me if you are interested

in designing a program together.


"Laura Inserra is a rare example of power, mastery, and grace in the human form.  Her work is unlike anything I have experienced before in my career or life.  Through transformational sound and vibration, she enables individuals and groups to transcend the rational mind and access deeper layers of knowing.  She invites participants into an experience that unleashes creativity, emotion, connection, and possibility. Part musician, shaman, intuitive, and teacher, Laura will take you on a journey between worlds that you will never forget.  Run swiftly towards this work if you are looking for deeper meaning and new answers to old questions.  Laura is an extraordinary treasure that is a privilege to invite into your life or organization." 


- Catherine Gray, The Trium Group

"Laura is able to use live music and sound to create a field of connection amongst a group  that opens them up to go deeper with one another and with the subject at hand. It's a tremendous thing to experience and witness! I'm so grateful she was able to work with us at a recent retreat. Her work is part performance, part facilitation, and part healer. What impressed me the most is not only is Laura a supremely talented musician-- playing so many unique instruments and all with great skill - she's also an insightful and empathetic facilitator who made an effort to understand our overall program and then suggest the best way her offering could augment and help serve the overall mission of the gathering. She added a layer of depth and clarity of facilitation that was appreciated and she really knows how to read a room. It was a joy to work with her!"


- Jess Rimington, The Rules

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In-Person & Online Offerings


Creating Immersive sound experiences and

facilitating group connection.

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MetaMusic Healing

A development of my work around the transformative power of sound and music.


Researching and integrating

ancient technology and schools of wisdom into modern life.


Exploring, deciphering, and developing the facets of 'who' you are and a life well-lived.


Immersive experiences through sound journeys, playful creativity, body awareness, energetic practices and wisdom traditions.

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