Acoustic Waves Emergence

Using Sound and Music to create Transformative Experiences and facilitate the Embodiment of Consciousness.

Researching and Integrating Ancient Technology into Modern Life.

The Seeds of Gold Institute researches and integrates ancient technology and schools of wisdom into modern life. Our mission is to provide tools to find your Inner Seeds of Gold and become them.

A multidisciplinary Arts Organization

Founder and Executive Artistic Director of Samavesha, a multidisciplinary arts organization that brings arts programming to communities.  We seek to make world-class arts accessible to all, explore the intersection of traditional art forms with contemporary artistic languages, awaken and express personal creativity, foster collaboration, encourage diverse and resilient communities, connect people with nature, and increase awareness of the vital importance of creativity in human lives as an inexhaustible source of meaning, inspiration, and healthy living.

A Free Multidisciplinary Arts Event 

Founder and Artistic Director of Art in Nature Festival a full day interdisciplinary, interactive, site-specific, multi-sensory, intercultural, and intergenerational immersion into art, nature, and the nature of art. It takes place annually along the Stream Trail of Oaklandʼs Redwood Regional Park. The event is free, unplugged, and off the grid.

A series of site-specific performances held inside the Hawk Hill Tunnel, in the Marin Headlines, California.

Artistic Director of the Cave Concert Series inside the Hawk Hill Tunnel. The tunnel is located in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA), part of the Marin Headlands, on a bluff overlooking the Golden Gate, with breath-taking views of San Francisco and the pacific ocean. The Tunnel was designed during World War II as the future home of guns. The earthworks that crown the unfinished fortifications now serve as the site of wildlife observation and annual bird counts. The Tunnel itself offers incredible resonance and is sealed off on one end by the event crew and transformed into a Cave. This event is made possible with permits through GGNRA. “You will enter a resonant chamber of suspended time & space, becoming the sound itself.”

Rose Labyrinth Series

A series of concerts, dance performances, lectures, and workshops.

Artistic Director of Rose Labyrinth Series: a beautiful and sonic wooden room that is home to a sacred labyrinth. In this exceptional space Laura creates programs with concerts, dance productions, and various performances by a vast array of talented international artists. 


Artists and projects I have had the privilege to collaborate with.

These are some of the collaborations and the great  synergies I had with musicians, performers, dancers, directors, composers, and artists. I feel the privaledge to have collaborated with them.


Samavesha's debut multidisciplinary performance.

Elemental is about giving life to a performance where various artistic expressions, from music to dance, video to sculpture, poetry to theater, food to costume, can unite in one flow, one language and body, and nourish those who live it and observe it, both in the senses and in consciousness. The interaction between performer and guest will occur through the senses. From smell to taste to sight to touch to hearing to a new insight of time and space.


Slides treated with the scratch technique.

‘Laugrafia’ is work done on slides treated with the scratch technique. Plain dark slides are etched by hand using a knife. Some of them are printed black and white on photographic paper. The scratch become black and the background white. The 1997 debut show, under the title of ‘Laugrafia’, was held at 'Poeteca', in Campo dei Fiori, Rome. This was a performance with projected slides, music and poetry. These images are available for print work and reproduction.

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