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Laura Inserra is a sound alchemist. She lives and creates at the confluence of music from around the globe, wisdom practices, and cutting edge technology. 


Her career has had many facets —  multi-instrumentalist, music teacher, sound therapistcomposer, and producer.

She uses music as meaningful entertainment, as a tool for healing, as a boost for intuition, as a facilitator for creativity, as guidance for group retreats, as medicine for inner transformation, as a medium to connect to the intelligence of the body. 


In the last decade, Laura has been focusing her work on the the universal, transformative, and healing power of sound. Combining her intimate knowledge of music with her studies of ancient schools of wisdom, she developed Resonant Healing, her own multifunctional method for self-inquiry and wellbeing. In person and online, she uses this method in one-on-one sessions as well as in group work, public gatherings, and art installations

She also teaches MetaMusic. Meta means beyond, transcendent. In this unique body of work music becomes experiential - a tool for for personal development, spiritual guidance, and holistic healing.

Laura is the co-founder of Seeds of Gold Institute, whose mission is to research and integrate ancient technology and schools of wisdom into modern life. The Institute is dedicated to helping individuals, groups, and the global community in the journey of personal growth and collective evolution.

Born and raised in Sicily, she now lives in the SF Bay Area and works around the globe. 

Playing, Teaching, 


A world-renowned Hang musician, Laura plays a large variety of ancient and modern instruments - among others Zapotec clay flutes, the Mongolian shamanic jaw harp, Tibetan bowls, the Laotian khen, the Australian didgeridoo, African djembe', and Western percussions.

She has been collaborating with hundreds of musicians and artists worldwide, bringing her unique palette of sounds, melodic lines, and intricate rhythmic expressions. She performs in a variety of publicprivate and site specific events including retreatscorporate events, and sacred ceremonies.


Both a self-taught and classically trained musician, Laura developed a method called Structured Improvisation Technique. She teaches how to build a musician’s mind through the language of music, linear structures, and self-expression. Students learn through active listening, guided discipline and an active integration of the body.


Since her early twenties, Inserra has been 

composing and performing soundtracks and sound design for dance, theater, movies, and art installations. 

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The transformative power of

Sound & Music

Laura current work is known as MetaMusic. Meta means beyond, transcendent. In this unique body of work music becomes experiential - a tool for self-inquiry, inner guidance, and deep transformation. Her recorded MetaMusic teachings are available on Teachable


In 2018 she premiered Chambers of AWE (Acoustic Waves Emergence), deep immersive sound experiences created with ancient and modern acoustic instruments, augmented by cutting edge technology.

In those settings she brings participants into Inner Landscapes Journeys to create transformation, healing, and self-awareness.

​Her VOD project around the transformative power of sound is Shelter in Music: Sound Journeys for Inner Voyagers - a video series of immersive sound experiences for 'inner voyagers'. She launched Shelter in Music in response to the pandemic and to the socio-economic crisis, to offer a space where people can release tension, recharge, find guidance and wellbeing.


Laura grew up in Sicily, steeped in its rich history and in the intensity of Mount Etna, regularly erupting nearby. 

Fascinated by sound since her youngest years, Laura would play anything she’d touch, and embraced one instrument after another. Music has been the focus of her life ever since, weaved with two other life-long threads: a passion for technology, initiated when an uncle introduced her to video games' programming on a Commodore 64; and an exploration of wisdom schools, esoteric, philosophical, psychological, and spiritual traditions. 

She plays a large range of ancient and contemporary instruments from around the world; she composes music for soundtracks, theatre and dance; she teaches music and sound therapy; she creates and produces performing arts events and festivals; she leads personal exploration workshops; she weaves the transformative power of sound and wisdom traditions to enable self-exploration and wellbeing, in one-on-one sessions and group settings. 


Seeds of Gold Institute

Researching & integrating

ancient technology and schools of wisdom

into modern life 

Laura Inserra is the founder and artistic director of Samavesha, a multidisciplinary performing arts and music nonprofit based in the San Francisco Bay Area. With Samavesha, she produced site-specific, interactive, and fully immersive events involving local and international artists of all disciplines. Art in Nature Festivals, Cave Concerts, Create-With-Nature Earth Day Celebration, and the Rose Labyrinth Series have been some of its most popular productions.

In 2020, Samavesha evolved into the Seeds of Gold Institute. Co-founded with Nadine Kreisberger, its mission is to research and integrate ancient technology and schools of wisdom into modern life.

Seeds of Gold Institute is dedicated to helping individuals, groups and the global community in their journey of personal growth of finding their 'inner gold'.

We do so through coaching, therapy, and media projects. Seeds of Gold Institute is also a platform of collaboration with fellow alchemists, personal development practitioners and wisdom teachers from around the globe.

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~ TBA Awards Nominee 2016 for the music score and sound design of Whale's Wake by Ragged Wing.

~ Tom Bates, the Mayor of Berkeley, declared September 15, 2015 as Laura Inserra Day

~ Sample Logic, award-winning interface, produced Bohemian: cinematic street and new world instruments. A whole sound library with Laura's instruments recorded in 2015 at George Lucas' Skywalker Sound studios.

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Researching and integrating

ancient technology and schools of wisdom into modern life.


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Creating immersive sound experiences to

facilitate group connections and sacred gatherings.

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