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Inner Resonance Explorations:
immersive experiences into sound and movement - Retreat at Esalen in Big Sur, California.
TransTech - Conference in Palo Alto, California.
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Sound Alchemist • Performer • Teacher • Music Therapist


Creator of Chambers of AWE: Acoustic Waves Emergence - using sound & technology to create deep transformative experiences & wellbeing.


Co-founder of Seeds of Gold Institute - researching & integrating ancient technology & schools of wisdom into modern life.

Founder & Artistic Director of Samavesha: a non for profit multidisciplinary performing art and music organization. 


Laura Inserra is a multi-instrumentalistsound and music therapistteacher, composer, sound designer, and event producer. Born and raised in Sicily, she is specialized in the transformative and healing power of sound, ethnomusicology, sympathetic resonance, ambisonic architectures and binaural technologies.

Thanks to her decades of musical and spiritual studies with teachers from ancient and modern schools of wisdom, she has developed a unique form of healing practice called 'Resonant Healing'. Using sacred sounds, rhythms, and melodies, she creates Chambers of A.W.E. installations, Inner Landscapes Journeys presentations, and Inner Resonance Explorations workshops in order to facilitate transformation, self-awareness, and healing. She applies this method in one on one sessions, as well as group settings, concerts, workshops, and company retreats.


With an innate gift for music, Laura is both a self-taught and classically trained musician, which allowed her to develop to her unique 'Structured Improvisation Technique'. Her music displays a rich palette of global sounds using ancient and modern instruments which she infuses with a unique blend of harmonies and melodic lines on top of intricate rhythmic expressions. She performs in a variety of public, private, and site-specific events including retreats, workshops, corporate events, and sacred ceremonies. She composes soundtracks and sound design for dance, theater, art installations, and movies.


Since the age of 21, she has been teaching music to students of all ages and levels in private and group sessions​. In particular, since 2003, she is worldwide the most recognized teacher of the Hang.  She has a unique style in allowing people to access their innate creativity, musicality, and unique abilities.

She is the founder and artistic director of Samavesha, a multidisciplinary arts organization based in the San Francisco's Bay Area. Her vision is to increase awareness of the vital importance of creativity in human lives as an inexhaustible source of awakening, inspiration, and healthy living. She produces site-specific performances and programs involving a variety of local and international artists of all disciplines. Her productions are deeply connected to the environment and the people she works with. Among her productions Art in Nature Festival, Cave Concerts, and Rose Labyrinth Series are some of the most popular.

Chambers of AWE (Acoustic Waves Emergence)

 using Sound and Music to create Transformative Experiences and Wellbeing

Why Do the Most Forward-Thinking Tech Conferences Hire Laura Inserra to Create Their “Decompression Rooms”?


Heading into the 2020s, the most forward-looking corporate conferences create “decompression lounges” where attendees can relax and recharge for a few minutes before diving back in headlong to the intensity and bustle of the conference. However, most decompression lounges are paltry affairs, with perhaps a little ambient music playing off an iPod, and a tea station and some fruit.

At DevCon4, the main annual meeting for the Ethereum community, the Ethereum Foundation wanted something more immersive, more artistic, and frankly, more decompressive. The Foundation wanted participants not just to have a relaxing and restorative experience, but one that would also uplift them, and bring them into deeper resonance with their bodies--thus getting more in touch with their creative potential. That’s why the Ethereum Foundation brought in Laura Inserra, multi-instrumentalist creator of Chambers of AWE. Read more...

"Laura Inserra is a rare example of power, mastery, and grace in the human form.  Her work is unlike anything I have experienced before in my career or life.  Through transformational sound and vibration she enables individuals and groups to transcend the rational mind and access deeper layers of knowing.  She invites participants into an experience that unleashes creativity, emotion, connection and possibility. Part musician, shaman, intuitive, and teacher, Laura will take you on a journey between worlds that you will never forget. Run swiftly towards this work if you are looking for deeper meaning and new answers to old questions. Laura is an extraordinary treasure that is a privilege to invite into your life or organization."- Catherine Gray, The Trium Group

"Laura is able to use live music and sound to create a field of connection among a group that opens them up to go deeper with one another and with the subject at hand. It's a tremendous thing to experience and witness! I'm so grateful she was able to work with us at a recent retreat. Her work is part performance, part facilitation, and part healer. What impressed me the most is not only is Laura a supremely talented musician-- playing so many unique instruments and all with great skill - she's also an insightful and empathetic facilitator who made an effort to understand our overall program and then suggest the best way her offering could augment and help serve the overall mission of the gathering. She added a layer of depth and clarity of facilitation that was appreciated and she really knows how to read a room. It was a joy to work with her!" - Jess Rimington, The Rules

"Laura Inserra is a dream of a music teacher. She is both classically trained and a gifted improviser. Laura is attuned to the needs and capabilities of her students. She know how to teach to their level, inspire confidence, and encourage excellence. She knows when to support and when to push to the next level of accomplishment. Laura teaches the disciplines of musicianship in an atmosphere of playful acceptance. She creates a safe place in which to learn, an inspiring place to gain competence, and grow in the language of music and expression. The lessons are fun and deep, beautiful paced, and build on one another. Laura is generous with her knowledge and her heart." - Ahbi Vernon (Psychologist and Mental Heath Therapist)

“I call her a ‘music-smith’, like a wordsmith or blacksmith because of the way in which she embodies music and sound. She is a truly gifted musician, composer, and teacher. She is incredibly skilled at teaching the complexities of the Hang: technique, sound, resonance, melody, incorporating the different voices and harmonies. My lessons are so inspiring and healing on multitude levels. What I am learning translates to many areas of my life and spiritual practice. Our lessons are not only about playing the Hang, but about breathing, relaxing the body, being present, and, from this place, one can open to the magic, joy, essence of the Hang. She is incredibly skilled at teaching this amazing and unique instrument. ... I have immense gratitude and respect for Laura’s instruction and wisdom, talent and experience, and most of all, for the beauty and integrity of her relationship with the Hang.” Deb Grant (Expressive Art Therapist).


"Laura Inserra is a delightfully talented musician as well as an insightful teacher.  These combined attributes made my lessons with her a productive and inspiring experience.  I feel very fortunate to have crossed paths with Laura and I hope to have many more opportunities to learn all that she has to teach". Camille Solyagua, (Photographer)