Sound Journeys For Inner Voyagers​
A Video Series of Immersive Sound Experiences 
for Self~Explorations & Well~Being

Creator of 

Shelter in Music

Sound Journeys for Inner Voyagers

A Video Series for

Self~Exploration & Well~Being

Developer of 

Resonant Healing 

Using Sound, Energy Work,

& Ancient Traditions for

Self~Explorations & Well~Being

Creator of

Chambers of AWE

(Acoustic Waves Emergence)

Using Music & Technology for

Immersive & Transformative Experiences


Developer of

MetaHang &

Structured Improvisation Technique

Learning Music & Percussions 

through Active Listening,

Linear Structures & Self~Expression

Co~founder of

Seeds of Gold Institute

(Teaching, Therapy & Media Projects)

Researching & Integrating Wisdom Schools 

& Technology into Modern Life

Founder & Artistic Director of 

Samavesha Production

(Non for Profit ~ 501C3)

Multidisciplinary Performing Arts & Music

Organization Producing Educational, Interactive

& Fully Immersive Events for the Community


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