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MetaMusic Journeys

Immersive Sound Experiences

for Inner Voyagers

MetaMusic Journeys
Immersive Sound Experiences for Inner Voyagers

MetaMusic is the development of Laura Inserra’s work around the universal, transformative, evolutive, and healing power of sound. Meta means beyond, transcendent. In this context music becomes experiential - a tool for connection, inner guidance, and wellbeing. 


MetaMusic Journeys are immersive sound experiences into enchanted soundscapes and meditations. During these settings, Laura plays acoustic instruments from around the globe and combines them with wisdom practices from various traditions.


Her music speaks a universal language, telling stories without words. As a listener, you become the creator of your own experience, breaking the boundaries of your senses and connecting to your inner guidance and wellbeing. 

MetaMusic Presentation at Wisdom 2.0 - Summit
Computer History Museum, Mountain View
California / April 8th, 2022
Videos On Demand
Shelter In Music ~ A video series of guided sound experiences for self-inquiry & wellbeing.

In these sound journeys I combine ancient, contemporary, and costum-made acoustic instruments with shamanic and wisdom traditions. I create a space where you can explore, release, discover, relax and evolve.


Become an inner voyager and explore the pathways of your inner landscapes. Enjoy it..

Sonic Quest ~ MetaMusic Journeys

"There are many things that will catch your eye,

but only a few will catch your heart. Pursue those..."