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MetaMusic Journeys

Immersive Sound Experiences

for Inner Voyagers

MetaMusic Journeys
Immersive Sound Experiences for Inner Voyagers
April 2nd at 11am Pacific Tme, via Zoom
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MetaMusic is the development of Laura Inserra’s work around the universal, transformative, evolutive, and healing power of sound. Meta means beyond, transcendent. In this context music becomes experiential - a tool for connection, inner guidance, and wellbeing. 


MetaMusic Journeys are immersive sound experiences into enchanted soundscapes and meditations. In these settings, Laura plays acoustic instruments from around the globe and combines them with wisdom practices from various traditions.


During these group sessions, we take an immersive music journey to tune to our inner resonance and to harmonize our system. In this context music awakens what is asleep in us, helping get deep awareness, inner guidance, and healing energy.


At the end of the music journey we take a few minutes break and after that, for those who feel like being in the group field, we make room to share a few voices of wisdom.

When these sessions are via Zoom I recommend:

  • making sure to have a stable internet connection. 

  • having installed the Zoom app on your smartphone or computer.

  • finding a quiet room where you can be free to express yourself, move, or lay down.

  • having a good sound system or headphones (preferably wireless) to fully immerse yourself into the sound experience.

  • and a blanket, a glass of water, a journal with a pen, or some incense are also great ‘companions’ to have at your side. 

By holding an intention and 'feeling' the outcome in your whole body you are making a silent action.

In ancient schools of wisdom it was known that humans are electromagnetic transmitters who send out thoughts and emotions and have a corresponding attraction to what we have sent out. Modern studies talk about The Law of Attraction, the ability to attract what we focus on, revealing that thoughts create electromagnetic fields and produce similar effects as actions. Basically we become a tuning fork that can tune 'energy' to a specific ‘frequency’ and have a tangible effect on 'reality'. 


The essence of the Universe is vibration, quenchless energy in motion, e-motion. Music is able to orchestrate scattered vibrations in an harmonious order, creating organized energetic ‘forms’ of emotions and physical experiences. Our body is also energy in motion, e-motion, and can project intentional energy into thought-forms. When we use imagery to visualize an outcome, through our intent and awareness we are investing mental and physical energy into these thought-forms. By feeling the outcome in our whole body as if it has already happened, we are investing augmented energy into potential ‘forms’ of manifestation. In other words, when focus our intention, our awareness, and our feelings to envision an outcome, we make a ‘silent’ action that creates a tangible impact in our inner and outer environment.

MetaMusic Presentation at Wisdom 2.0 - Summit 2022
Computer History Museum, Mountain View, California

Videos On Demand
Shelter In Music ~ A video series of guided sound experiences for self-inquiry & wellbeing.