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In-Person & Online

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Laura is both a self-taught and classically trained musician. For the last 25 years she has been teaching music and improvisation on percussions, didgeridoo, and wind instruments. She developed a method called Structured Improvisation Technique. She teaches how to build a musician mind through the language of music, linear structures, and self-expression.

A world-renowned Hang musician, Laura has developed a unique technique called METAHang (Musical Education, Training & Apprenticeship for HandPan Instruments). She started teaching Hang and handpan instruments in 2003. For those who pursue music with dedication she delivers METAHang Certificates for 3 different levels (intermediate, advanced, and master).

Since her earliest years, music has been the focus of Laura's life weaved with two other life-long threads: a passion for technology and an exploration of esoteric, philosophical, psychological, and spiritual traditions from various schools of wisdom.

In the last decade Laura has focused her work in the transformational power of sound and music. She leads personal development workshops in private and group settings. She weaves the transformative power of sound and wisdom traditions to enable self-exploration and wellbeing. 


She teaches sound and music therapy and how to create immersive sound experiences to provide a resonant field from which healing arise.

In-Person & Online Teachings

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A music sculpture, an instrument that allows you to express yourself musically and enjoy the dance of your hands.


Learning to use sound and music as a transformative tool, and to create immersive sound experiences for wellbeing.


Learning music and percussions through active listening,

linear structures and self-expression.


Facilitating personal transformation, body awareness,

creativity and wellbeing.


Immersive experiences through sound journeys, playful creativity, body awareness, and energetic practices.


Connecting to your source of creativity and unique



Exploring, deciphering, and developing the facets of 'who' you are and a life well-lived.


Researching and integrating

ancient technology and schools of wisdom into modern life.


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