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In-Person & Online

Creative Explorations Lab

Connect to Your Source of Creativity & Self-Expression

Creative Explorations Lab is a multidisciplinary and interactive workshop designed to help you connect to your source of creativity and unique manifestation of beauty.

Creativity, structure, and improvisation are ways to discover our natural balance and harmonize our life. A good approach to these creative forms begins with deep listening, which allows us to bring forth an artistic expression appropriate for the moment and context we are in.

Through music, body movement, voice, poetry, drawing, costumers, observation, mimicking, improvisation, composition, and other tools, you will have the opportunity to explore your creative potential, your visions, and your individual artistic manifestations.

The world of creativity is infinite and everyone has its own path on this journey. May you find, enjoy, and share yours with the rest of the world.

This Lab is designed for individual and group sessions.


Produced, Filmed & Edited by: Christine Beggs, Ripples Edge Media

Dancer: Christine Beggs

Music: 'The Path,' by Zoe Keating
Location: Berkeley Rose Labyrinth, Creative Explorations Lab with Laura Inserra


“ There is a vitality, a life force,

a quickening that is translated

through you into action ...

... and there is only

one of you in all time.

This expression is unique,

and if you block it,

it will never exist through

any other medium and be lost.

The world will not have it. ” 

~ Martha Graham



'Laura is an inspiration. I loved the energy and spirit of the whole group.’


'This is a great place for me to explore and be creative beyond my imagination. Where ever you are in life, give yourself that possibility!'

‘Came in after a long day and with an exhausted mind and body. Went away feeling inspired, more centered, and grounded. Thanks!’

‘Great group of creative people, and activities that brought my creativity out. Thanks to Laura Inserra and to all all the participants.’


‘Lovely evening playing with all of you… I so love to touch the muse with others who know that incredible land of potency.’

‘Awesome experience, great instruction.’

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