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These are a few of the hundreds of collaborations and the great  synergies I had with musicians, performers, dancers, directors, composers, and artists. I feel the privilege to have collaborated with them, and the honor to have shared creativity together.

Tarun Tahiliani is a noted Indian fashion designer. With his wife Sailaja 'Sal' Tahiliani, he co-founded Ensemble, India’s first multi-designer boutique in 1987, followed by Tahiliani Design studio in 1990. Based in Delhi, he is best known for his ability to infuse Indian craftsmanship and textile heritage with tailored silhouette. His signature is to combine traditional aesthetics with modern design. Over the years, he also became known for his bridalwear.

Peruvian-Japanese classical violinist whose repertoire includes performances work and ritual music of the jungle and Andes mountains. We have been performing together in various occasions. Among our collaborations Elemental, Ame, Origins, Montana Que Habla (Talking Mountain) and many more...

music ensemble

Charming Hostess is a band that grew out of the avant-rock scene of Oakland, California, in the mid-1990s.

Ragged Wing creates interdisciplinary performances, plays and art events exploring ancient questions in a contemporary world. They are committed to the development of new work and the cross-fertilization of artistic disciplines. Their stories emerge from folktales, myths and everyday occurrences to become theater, visual art, music, dance and film. 

Paolo Buonvino

composer and pianist

Renowned italian film soundtrack composer. I was his assistant for the movies ‘Il mio miglior nemico’ by Carlo Verdone and ‘N (Io e Napoleone)’ by Paolo Virzi’, ‘La Matassa’ by Ficarra and Picone.

Dance Monks

dancers & choreographers

Innovative, experimental dance art that awakens cross-cultural connections and explores the intimate relationship between people and nature. Among our collaborations are Origins, Body and Sound Festival, Cave Concert, and Green.

The Fertile Void


The Fertile Void is a new musical ensemble made up of singer and composer Carrie Katz, founder/composer/singer for Rosin Coven, multi-instrumentalist Laura Inserra, and the string quartet Squid Inc.

Jo Lido

movie soundtrack

This is a movie I composed the soundtrack for. Plot: One Friday night, incited by a radio presenter to abandon the monotony of their everyday lives, a group of people take to the road, en route to an unknown destination. Directed by Francesco Jost.


video soundtrack

This is the sondtrack for a video of Randi Parkhurst's artists book, Patience. It is a work of art that cannot be described in words and photos can't do it justice, therefore, a video had to be made.

Nini Ferrara

theater director & actor

Italian theater director and actor. I had the privilege to work with him and Alessia Patres in Il Viaggio. 

Roberto Zappalà

artistic director & choreographer

Celebrated artistic director of the performing arts center Scenario Pubblico in Sicily. Dancer and choreographer. I composed and performed live with Israelian dancer Michal Mualem for his Instrumental 2 - la sofferenza del corpo (the suffering of the body).

Maria Grazia Sarandrea

dancer & choreographer

Italian tribal dancer and choreographer. Among our productions we did teh sondtrack with Barbara Eramo on her dance performance called Uzumè che danzaa tale of the Japanese Sun Goddess Amaterasu expressed through the ritual of dance and music.

Massimo Finzi


Distinguished italian photographer. Laugrafia was born while I  worked in his studio printing in black and white photography.

Andrea Dami


Contemporary sculptor from Pistoia. Giardino Sonoro is an installation of resonant sculptures that I played in trio with Tonj Acquaviva e Giovanni Lo Cascio in  Villa di Grappoli, Italy.

Emanuele Becher

visual artist

Visual artist who lives and works in Prato. Almost all his works have been created in total darkness. Release (2006) is a sounding installation we create together.

Cristiano Serino

violinist & composer

Excellent Italian contemporary composer and violinist. He is one of my most inspiring artistic partner in Italy. We have been perform together many time. We had a group called Ku and we produced a classic/contemporary album called From Rosy Bower's.

Claudia Cuentas

wind instrumentalist & performer

Bay Area based musician and performer from Peru. Weaves together movement, sounds and story work. Claudia is also a dear friends and I enjoy so much work and perform with her and the sacred space we weave together. Among our collaborations Elemental, Montana que Habla (Talking Mountain), Mandala, and many more...

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