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© 1998 by Laura Inserra. All rights reserved.

Inner Landscapes Journeys

Inner Landscapes Journey is the development of Laura Inserra’s work around the transmutational and evolutive power of music which invites and nurtures personal transformation, healing, and self-awareness. It is a musical immersion into enchanted soundscapes and an invitation to listen with your whole body to your inner visions, moods, feelings, thoughts, and states. In other words, it is an invitation to relax into your precious 'presence' through a sound meditation.


These sound ceremonies display a rich palette of global sounds using ancient and modern instruments which she infuses with a unique blend of harmonies and melodic lines on top of intricate rhythmic expressions. She applies this methodology in one-on-one sessions, as well as in group settings, workshops, and company retreats. The frequency of these instruments bypass the limits of the rational mind and work through the person’s cellular tuning to help shift perspectives, emotions, and patterns, as well as facilitate clarity, guidance, and harmony in life. This session is a window into sound and a healing as well.

We are pure vibration and everything vibrates around us which it means plays sounds. Hearing is one of the first senses that activates when we come into life, and it is the last one to dissolve when we die. There is more to listening to than what we are aware of. Imagine only that we can hear up to 10 octaves compared to one octave of the color spectrum that the sight is able to perceive. With that in mind, our vision of life expands wilder than what only our eyes are able to receive. So much to say about that…


Usually she hosts a sharing and a Q&A at the end to integrate the experience. You are welcome to bring pillows and blankets if you want to lay down and completely surrender to the experience. The room is set up in a way that we can fully and comfortably immerse ourselves into the inner journey or dance the flow of the invisible… There will be available regular chairs, room to lay down in the wood floor, and an assigned area where where to dance. You are welcome to bring a mat, an eye mask, pillows, or blankets if you want to lay down and completely surrender to the experience.

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