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© 2020 by Laura Inserra. All rights reserved.

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Take a glimpse from above and let the music play with you, travel in you, speak for you…

In Altitude, Laura Inserra plays with your imagination, touches your emotions, nourishes your spirit.

You can enjoy each tune separately or travel the album as a full musical journey. You will encounter Laura's Hang, gubal, thumb piano, A minor wing, and ocean drum. At times, she is joined by Jérémy Marais' mesmerizing melodies on the saxophone and clarinet, Suellen Primost on the cello, and Barbara Eramo on vocals. 

Download the album or your favorite tracks below.


© & ℗ Laura Inserra 2019. All rights reserved.

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Musical Incense vol. 1 & 2 (double cd)


An ambience, a sonic tapestry, an atmosphere that is spacious and easy to immerse oneself in. The sounds drift in and out of awareness, like the scent of nearby incense. The tracks, called Passage, are extended contemplative improvisations for Hang and Electric Guitar with custom looping software. Laura Inserra: Hang (Pygmy in F), Darren Gibbs: Electric Guitar with custom looping software. 


Download the album or your favorite tracks below.

© & ℗ Laura Inserra & Darren Gibbs 2009. All rights reserved.

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Live at Garden of Memory


This album contains tracks performed live at Garden of Memory in 2012, a walk-through musical event that celebrates the Summer Solstice. The ambient sounds of dripping water create a sonic environment of relaxation and immersion into the quintessential experience of time and nature, which is the essence of the Summer Solstice. Laura Inserra solo album features world instruments like the Hang, the khen, blossom bells, the thumb piano, the frame drum, the udu drum and more.

Download the album or your favorite tracks below. Click here if you prefer to get a printed CD.

© & Ⓟ 2012 Laura Inserra. All rights reserved. 

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Hang: a collection of works


The sound of the Hang is incredibly rich. Played softly it sounds like a flute, played louder the metal resonates as a Gamelan. At times you can hear echoes of the marimba and at other times there are hints of strings or harp playing pizzicato. The bass note punctuates the rhythm like a gong. It is like playing with an ensemble. The effect is mesmerizing, it intrigues and seduces all those who listen to it. Laura Inserra is joined by Hooman Fazly, Barbara Eramo, Shay Nichols, Pauchi Sasaki, Claudia Cuentas, Darren Gibbs, Mike Wofchuck, and Claudia Anfuso. 


Download the album or your favorite tracks below. 

© & Ⓟ Laura Inserra 2007. All rights reserved. 

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Lucas Film - Skywalker Ranch Road, California


BOHEMIAN - Cinematic Street & New World Instruments is a diverse collection of 800+ exotic, traditional, and morphed instruments & multisets. We recorded a lot of Laura Inserra's instruments as a source; we then morphed and expanded them, creating a whole new world of bohemian street sounds, ready for any composition. It sounds amazing! For more info please visit:

Watch the trailer below...

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