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MetaMusic Course

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MetaMusic Journeys
Immersive Sound Experiences for Inner Voyagers

MetaMusic is the development of Laura Inserra’s work around the universal, transformative, and healing power of sound. Metameans beyond, transcendent. In this context music becomes experiential - a tool for self-inquiry, inner guidance, and deep transformation.


MetaMusic Journeys are immersive sound experiences into enchanted soundscapes and an invitation to listen with your whole body to your inner visions, feelings, and states of awareness. During these sessions, Laura plays acoustic instruments from around the globe and combines them with wisdom practices to facilitate wellbeing and self-exploration. 


Her music speaks a universal language, telling stories without words. As a listener, you become the creator of your own experience, breaking the boundaries of your senses and connecting to your inner guidance.


For the best immersive experience, headphones or a good sound system are highly recommended. Find a quiet space, have a blanket and a glass of water close by. May music take you exactly where you need to go.


Enjoy your exploration...

Laura Inserra

In-Person & On-Line

Contact me for private sound healing sessions and music ceremonies.

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In-Person & Online Offerings


Learning to use sound and music as a transformative tool, and to create immersive sound experiences for wellbeing.

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Immersive Sound Experiences
for Inner Voyagers

MetaMusic Conversations

with Laura Inserra & Special Guests

Exploring how to use Sound & Music

as Tools for Deep Transformation & Healing


MetaMusic Healing

Using Music & Ancient Traditions for
Self-Exploration & Wellbeing
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A Video Series of Sound Journeys For Inner Voyagers


A blend of sound healing, vibrational work, and ancient wisdom techniques to facilitate inner guidance and wellbeing.


Creating Immersive sound experiences and

facilitating group connection.


Immersive experiences through sound journeys, playful creativity, body awareness, energetic practices and wisdom traditions.

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