MetaMusic Course

Becoming a Sound Alchemist

Seeds of Gold Institute and Laura Inserra present
MetaMusic Course 2021
Becoming a Sound Alchemist

Learning how to create resonant fields from

which deep transformation,

inner guidance and healing arise.

A 6-week program, starting on February 27th, 11am

(Pacific Time), via Zoom

MetaMusic Course is a 3-Part training on the use of sound and music as tools for self-exploration, healing, and sacred ceremony.


MetaMusic means beyond music, or beyond what so far you have considered music to be. In this context, music becomes experiential, functional, a metaphor of life, and it carries healing, inner guidance, and deep transformative properties.


This comprehensive body of work is the compendium of my 30+ years of studies and initiations in ancient traditions and modern schools of wisdoms like Alchemy, Vedic Traditions, Mythology, Psychology, Tantra, Shamanism, Folk and Classical Music as well as the direct observation of Mother Nature. All of these have informed and formed my years of work as a teacher, a musician, and sound therapist, both in one-on-one and group sessions.


I present this body of work as a tool for your personal development, as a compass to navigate life, and as a healing method to support each other. You will learn how to become a Sound Alchemist, while experiencing immersive sound journeys, sacred ceremonies, shamanic vision quests, and hands-on practices. You will also learn self-healing practices to use for yourself and in your work with others.

Presentation + Sound Journey

Live-streamed on February 20th, 2021

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MetaMusic Course is offered online and open to everyone. We will meet and interact face-to-face in my Stream Room via Zoom. Each session will be recorded and shared with you, so that you can review and integrate this comprehensive body of work at your pace.

We customized a platform to host the MetaMusic Network - a place where we can have all the classes, resources, videos, practicums, sharing, subgroups, events, and more in one place. Being part of the MetaNetwork, we will also be able to interact as a community, foster fruitful conversations, facilitate connections, and share growth and sound journeys together.


I believe that money never should stop our growth, especially in these challenging time, so 'no one is turned away for lack of funds'. Contact me for scholarship opportunities or if you have any questions.


The Full Course Includes

  • Being part of a custom platform build for the MetaMusic Network

  • 18+ hours of In-Person Teachings via Zoom

  • Experiential Sound Journeys

  • Shamanic Drumming Quests

  • Self-Healing Practices

  • New Moon & Full Moon Ceremony

  • A life access to the video recordings

  • 12 Video-On-Demand of Sound Journeys for Inner Voyagers

  • Introduction to a variety of instruments like Shamanic Drums, Native American Flutes, Singing Bowls, Thumb Piano, Hang, Jaw Harp, Rattles, Water Instruments, Chimes, Chakapa Leaves, Ambient and Foley Sounds, and Your Voice.

  • Certificate of Completion

MetaMusic is Highly Recommended for

  • Amateurs with a vocation for this path

  • Sound & Music Practitioners

  • Psychotherapists & Psychiatrists

  • Counselors & Coaches

  • Body Workers & Physiotherapists

  • Midwives & Nurses

  • Plant Medicine Therapists

  • Energy Healers


Topics of PART 1 (Source)

  • What is Sound? 

  • Sound versus Music

  • Movement / Vibration / Frequency / Resonance

  • What is Healing?

  • What is a Ceremony?

  • Healing Practices & Ceremonies during the Digital Era

  • Physical versus Virtual: The Power of Presence

  • Who is a Healer?

  • The Transformative Power of Music

  • Entrainment versus Entertainment

  • Immersive Sound Experiences

  • Beginnings & Endings

  • The Emotional Arc

  • Which Instrument & When?

  • Deep Listening

  • Silence in Between the Notes

  • The Flow of the Invisible

  • The Musician, the Healer, the Shaman

  • Integration & Em-Body-Ment

Topics of PART 2 (Self)

  • The Vibrational Nature of Existence 

  • Expanding Your ‘Tool Kit’

  • Music as the Language of Emotions

  • Intent + Sound + Vision = Manifestation

  • The Role of Imagination in Rituals

  • The Altar & the Offerings

  • The Power of Chanting

  • The Art of Drumming

  • Human Antennas: Dormant State versus Resonant State

  • Psychic & Intuitive Power: Innate or Acquired Gifts?

  • The Keeper of the Fire: The Shaman

  • The Resonant Mirror: The Healer

  • The Voice of the Muse: The Musician

  • Transiting into Pulsation: Becoming Sound

  • Time Stretching / Space Expansion

  • Harmonizing the Body Resonance

  • Self-Healing: Inner Resonant Explorations 

  • Energy Cleansing Practices 

  • Different Shields of Protection

  • Receiving by Giving

  • Integrating Masculine & Femminine Energy

  • Basking into Being


Topics of PART 3 (Self-Other)

  • The Resonant Healing Method 

  • Sound as Expression & Extension of Yourself

  • Experiential Sound Journeys as a Practice

  • Connecting to the Source: Highest Self, Power Animal, Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels, Ancestors

  • The Language of Visual & Sonic Information

  • Getting & Giving Permission: Allowing the Participant’s Body to Feel

  • How to Become E-motion and Keep the Energy Flowing

  • Your-Self versus Self-Other

  • Physical, Emotional, Mental, & Spiritual Touch

  • Sound Penetrates the Participant: the Holistic Touch

  • Linear Healing versus Quantum Healing

  • Inter-Action between Observer & Observed

  • The Qualia: the Subjective Conscious Experience

  • The Different Fields of Information

  • Trusting the Larger Orchestration

  • Yes & No versus Yes & Yes

  • Water Logic versus Rock Logic

  • The 5 Elemental Principles and Their Qualities

  • Making Your Own Tools, Sounds, and Instruments

  • The Sound of Your Voice: Your Sonic Finger Print

  • Transmitting / Transmuting / Transforming: The Human Potential

  • Vibration & Pulsation: The Forces that Push the Universe in Its Course


Schedule (Saturdays, Pacific Time)

  • FREE Presentation + Sound Journey: Feb. 20th, 11am

  • Part 1: Feb. 27th & March 6th / 11am - 2pm

  • Part 2: March 13th & 20th / 11am - 2pm

  • Part 3: April 3rd & 10th / 11am - 2pm


Recommended Prior to the Course​

  • Download and install Zoom Software on your computer, tablet, or phone. I encourage you to familiarize yourself with Zoom before the course begins. You can download it at

  • Have a good sound system or headphones for the Immersive Sound Journey Experiences.

  • Have with you any music instrument or tools you have.

  • Take a ‘Sound Journey for Inner Voyagers’ for a taste of this work. You might enjoy this FREE Sonic Quest:

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In-Person & On-Line

Contact me if you are called to learn about private sound healing and sound ceremony.

Please write a few line about your vocation and experience with music.


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A blend of sound healing, vibrational work, and ancient wisdom techniques to facilitate inner guidance and wellbeing.


Creating Immersive sound experiences and

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Immersive experiences through sound journeys, playful creativity, body awareness, energetic practices and wisdom traditions.


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